Coffee Accompaniments

We supply a range of items you might need in your cafe, pub, restaurant or office. If you don't see what you want on this list, simply give us a call on 01223-560280 and we'll try to help.

Sugars, Biscuits, Chocolates
Plain White Sugar Sticks (1000)
Plain Brown Sugar Sticks
Metallic White Sugar Sticks
Metallic Brown Sugar Sticks
Fairtrade White Sugar Sticks
Fairtrade Brown Sugar Sticks
Speculoos (Lotus) Biscuits (300, wrapped)
Fairtrade Speculoos Biscuits (200, wrapped)
Cocoa & Hazelnut Wafer Sticks (Tub of 52)
Bolero Mint Dark Chocolates (300, wrapped)
Flavoured Syrups (Caramel, Vanilla, Almond etc)

Other Drinks
Suchard Hot Chocolate 1kg
Regilait Milk Granules
Poldermill Hot Chocolate Sachets
Dinkum Schmoo Milkshake Powder
Instant Coffee Sticks
Teas - please see our TEAS page

Wooden Stirrers
Plastic Tea Spoons (100)
Stainless Steel Teapoons (dozen)
Disposable Coffee Cups (50)

CROCKERY - please see our Crockery Page